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4 Damaging Habits Your Teeth Want You to Avoid

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth involves two very important factors. The first step is developing an oral healthcare routine that includes brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, cleaning between your teeth daily, and visiting your elite dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana, twice a year for professional cleanings and check-ups. These are the positive habits your teeth want you to adopt and continue to practice.

Damaging Habits

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There may be some other habits you've adopted, though, that your teeth are considerably less thrilled about. All too often, teeth can become damaged due to using them improperly, such as for biting, prying, or chewing on objects other than food. In fact, how many of these potentially damaging practices do you regularly expose your teeth to?

  1. Crunch Time—Using your teeth to break down hard objects such as crunching on ice cubes, munching on hard candies, or even biting your fingernails.
  2. Opening Up—Misusing teeth as a makeshift bottle opener, or as a replacement for scissors to open packages and remove price tags.
  3. Chew Chew—Using pens, pencils or other hard objects to chew on throughout the day, often while deep in thought, and without even realizing it.
  4. Piercing Grin—The habit of chewing on metal tongue or lip piercings in the mouth.

Show Your Teeth Some Love

Your teeth are durable, and have the potential to last a lifetime, but they are not indestructible. The habit of chewing down on hard, foreign objects can damage your teeth significantly, resulting in chipping, fracturing, and even tooth loss.Of course, some of these damaging habits may take some concerted time and effort on your behalf to halt. If you need some assistance, ask your friends, family, and workmates to remind you every time they catch you chomping away. We also provide a number of services that can help you get your smile back on track if you are currently less-than-thrilled with the condition of your smile. Contact us today to learn more.As your elite team of dental professionals, we wholeheartedly encourage you to protect your pearly whites by developing positive oral healthcare habits. Furthermore, make the right choice to break any teeth damaging habits so you don't end up breaking your teeth. Your teeth will thank you with a happy, healthy smile.Which one of those potentially damaging habits do you think is the most common?

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