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Dental Implants: The Cost, Longevity, and Comfort Level

Give your smile a second chance with dental implants in Indianapolis and Fishers by Dr. Mundy-Burgett

If you are missing one or several teeth, what can you do to restore your smile to completeness again? Take a closer look at 3 reasons why many who were once missing teeth are now ever-grateful for dental implants in Indiana.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of dental implants over dentures is their comfort and convenience.

Dental implants Indianapolis explanatory illustration

As you can see in the illustration, a dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone where it is left to fuse with your bone just as a natural tooth would.You never have to remove it, it will not slip and slide while you speak and eat, and the only person who will know you have a dental implant will be your dentist.You can smile, eat corn on the cob, and speak comfortably and confidently, never having to worry about your teeth falling out mid-sentence at a dinner with friends!


The second upside to dental implants is that they are as strong (if not stronger) than natural teeth and promote whole-mouth health.Dental implants will not stain or turn opaque like natural teeth would without proper hygiene. So it stays beautiful for longer as well!By visiting your dentist to receive the proper hygiene and oral health screenings, your dental implant can last as long as you live and will continue to match your smile.


Lastly, dental implants are the smartest investment in your oral health and self-esteem.Why? Usually, people will tell you that dental implants are too expensive and that dentures are a cheaper alternative that achieves the same things.These assertions, however, are not true. While dentures can replace an entire smile with prosthetic teeth, these are a removable set of teeth that are uncomfortable and tiring for most. In the long-run implants are cheaper since these do not require additional costs, other than your regular brushing and flossing materials.Our patients have found that the small difference in the cost of dental implants compared to dentures pays itself back when they no longer have to worry about setting their dentures on the nightstand to soak in a cleaning liquid every night.

Dental implants are the best choice for your smile because they last longer, are less expensive in the long-run and are convenient

No sum can buy their feeling of complete confidence when smiling with a loved one or when biting into your favorite foods.Really though, the most important aspect to weigh when considering dental implants is your long-term health.Not having any teeth causes the jaw bone to slowly disintegrate due to lack of use, causing your facial structure to droop and look older and older as the years go by.

Dental implants, your chance to smile confidently for life

By investing in recovering your missing tooth with dental implants, you ensure that your smile will remain beautiful, functional, and complete for as long as you plan to keep on grinning.Schedule your smile consultation with Dr. Mundy-Burgett at (317) 598-4746. We will guide you to the most accessible and convenient treatment plan for restoring your smile with confidence.

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