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Spa like treatment with your dental care is our goal. Here at Grin, we strive to make our patients feel pampered and make sure they receive the best dental care. From warm, cozy blankets at


the start of the appointment to headphones, music, and large screen T.V.'s for entertainment throughout the visit, and then a luxurious warm towel followed by ice cream or a beverage as a thank you, our staff goes the extra mile to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.We Stay Current with the Most Up-To-Date Technology Available.Dr. Mundy believes that it is very important to stay current with dental technology, and you would be surprised that this is a difficult feat to accomplish! Technology in the dental world changes rapidly and developers are always promoting faster, better, more effective materials and equipment.


- At Grin Dentistry, Dr Mundy utilizes the Velscope technology for oral cancer screenings, this scope makes it possible for Dr Mundy to detect cancer at very early stages which makes for a better outcome with treatment.- Dental decay is detected with the diagnodent (a laser technology). Dr Mundy can diagnose cavities when they are very small, this can prevent more invasive treatment such as root canals and crowns which also cost much more than a little filling.


-Dr Mundy uses laser technology to remove tooth decay which helps to preserve more of your natural tooth and does not require any numbing to do it!-In the cases where numbing is required, we use The Wand (a computer assisted system) to deliver the anesthetic with less pain and more efficiently.-Dental x-rays at our office are taken with the fastest digital technology available. You are actually exposed to more radiation from your cell phone and wireless networks than from the necessary x-rays we take to detect cavities and other pathology.


Visit us at Grin so we can take care of you and your dental needs, and then leave us a review letting us know how we did! See you soon!

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