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5 Good Reasons For Sharing Your Opinion

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Sharing your opinion can help yourself as well as others![/caption]Opinions, we all have them. After visiting our office and being treated by our team, we are sure you have an opinion about the kind of service and treatment you received from us and we would like you to share yours. To give you some helpful incentive to speak up, here are five good reasons to consider sharing your opinion with an online review:

  1. Pay It Forward – Do you read reviews? Do you find them helpful? Most of us do. Reviews can make some of the important decisions in life (like who to trust with your precious teeth) a little easier. Return the favor that other reviewers have given you, and write a review of your favorite dentist today.
  2. You Have a Unique Perspective – Your experience is different from everyone else’s. You can bring something original to the table when writing your review. What did you find most helpful at your last visit? What specific aspect impressed YOU the most? Your thoughts are unique and we want to hear them!
  3. Shout It Out! – Everyone appreciates a personalized shout out. Give a pat on the back to your favorite hygienist, or let your doctor know he did an awesome job at your last visit. Shout your praise out loud for all to see with an online review.
  4. Secrets are Best Shared – Who doesn’t love to share a secret? Don’t keep your favorite dentist a secret any longer! Now it’s time to let the rest of your community in on your great discovery.
  5. Help Us Help You – Yes, we actually do read your reviews… and we learn from them! We know that improving our services improves your experience, which is why we appreciate your reviews so much. No, really: We LOVE your reviews! Honestly, we’re not joking.

Leaving a review takes only 2 minutes and is as easy as clicking on this link and having your say.We also want to take a moment to give a shout out to all of our fantastic patients! You make every day a true joy for Dr. Mundy and our team. Thanks to each and every one of you!

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