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Family Tips to Ease Into Fall

Three Tips to Help Your Kids Ease into FallOctober. School is in full swing and your children have already started looking expectantly towards Christmas break. So, for our favorite parents, here are a few dentistry related tips that can help you and your young ones transition smoothly this fall.Time Change Adjustments: More than likely, your alarm rings at the same time every morning, regardless of the season. For your kids, it's most likely a different story. Try adjusting their bedtime by 15


minutes to help transition the change in time to make it a little easier especially for the younger children. It's also a great time to rebuild brushing habits that may have gotten lax over the summer. If your children are very young, why not get them interested in brushing earlier by making it a fun lesson? Adding a disclosing tablet that color the teeth in areas where plaque is left behind from inadequate brushing can be exciting and will have your kids looking forward to this little bit of dental sleuthing. Teenagers usually make you work harder to make something fun, so perhaps gifting a new Sonicare toothbrush or some whitening strips can grab their interest since what most teenagers are interested in dentally is fresh breath and white smiles!Schedule those appointments: Getting your regular cleanings out of the way before the holidays approach just seems to make sense. Life becomes so hectic during the holidays, and the last thing you will have time for is a visit to the dentist. This could make you wait too long which can cause undetected cavities to get bigger, or it could result in your kids having to miss school since you will have to schedule their appointments during school hours. And don't forget about everyone else trying to rush in before the end of the year to use up their insurance benefits which means finding an appointment will be very difficult!Squeeze in a little more fun: Going to the dentist usually isn't a visit that one brags or posts about on social media, but going to get fitted for a custom mouthguard might be something that gets your child talking. Fall sports are a great time to speak with your dentist about getting custom mouthguards made to protect your children's teeth and jaw from sports' injuries. With all of the personalization - from colors to team logos - it can make going to the dentist a much more exciting visit for your child!

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