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Smile for a Spring Selfie!

Tips for taking a perfect selfie smile pictureHave you ever wondered how some people can just look so amazing and natural in their pictures? I know I have! Looking back through my pictures taken in the last several years, I see the awkward smile, the crazed eyes, the unattractive shadows, and, yes, the double chin. Lucky for you, I finally researched and put together my favorite tips on how to take that perfect award-winning selfie picture, and I am going to share those with you!

  1. Let There Be Light! Stand with the light in front of you rather than behind as this creates a beautiful and natural illumination.
  1. Position is Everything! Three little things can make or break your selfie: body angle, shoulder slant, and neck lift. Make sure you have your body turned slightly to the left or right instead of straight on - this is much more flattering. Your shoulders should be dropped down and backwards to lengthen your neck, and be sure to have your neck lifted high. Although it will feel unnatural, setting your body with these positions will make your picture much more attractive.
  1. Model to the Camera! Look at the camera directly like you are looking into its eyes. This will make it much more personal and engaged instead of just awkwardly smiling for a click. We tend to be much more expressive if we are talking to someone we know and like rather than if we are meeting a someone for the first time.
  1. Up, Up and Away! Right before you take your picture, hold the camera above your eye level. Doing this creates an angle that will give your picture the extra pizzazz you are looking for by helping the light bounce off the angles on your face.
  1. More is Always Better! When you are taking your picture, take a lot! You can be sure that the diamond in the rough will be found. Even professional photographers will tell you that they take hundreds to get just two or three good ones.

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